10514516_840456832641515_8917776124415950588_nMy name is Irene Mardi, I’m a Dutch singer / songwriter, currently staying in Mexico City.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a musical family, where I had the chance to learn to play music from a young age. At 7 I started learning how to play guitar and from age 13 I discovered that my true passion was to sing and write songs. At that age I started singing and playing in bands and I haven’t stopped ever since.

From age 17 to 22 I studied singing (jazz) at the conservatory in Utrecht, the Netherlands, while performing with different projects both in and outside the country.

After graduation I started up my own singing school, traveled a lot, worked for a while as an English teacher in Cambodia, sang in Malaysia, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Mexico. The last country stole my heart and I kept coming back for tours until in April 2016 I decided to go and stay for a while.

In Mexico I had the chance to sing my music on many main jazz stages, as well as on big festivals like ‘EuroJazz’. Even though my own music is quite poppy, people associate me with the jazz scene because that’s where I started out and of course my music is still jazz/soul influenced. I also sing as a soloist with jazz trio’s and big bands when being invited, something I absolutely love doing.

About my own project… I released an EP ‘Peace Of Mind’ in 2011 and my debut album ‘Expectations’  in 2016. In 2017 I released a single in Spanish, called ‘Volver a Respirar’. I’m planning on recording new material in 2018, there are a lot of new songs waiting to be released and I can’t wait to share the new material with all of you.

Since September 2017 I’m a student at the SACM (Mexican society for authors and composers) and there I have the chance to study songwriting with some of Mexico’s greatest composers. A great opportunity to expand my horizon even more, writing songs in Dutch, English and Spanish. It’s a big challenge (especially because all the classes are in Spanish), but to have my focus on songwriting and to be working with songwriters from all over the world is a dream come true.

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(Photo: Erika Gallegos. Make-up: Erika Cristina Pérez)